MetaVisa Credit

Based on the blockchain data, using cloud computing, machine learning technologies, and model algorithms such as logistic regression, decision trees, random forests, etc., MetaVisa conducts comprehensive processing and evaluation of data in various dimensions such as Credit History, On-Chain Behavior Preference, Address Activity Level, Asset Holdings & Portfolio, Address Correlation.

The MetaVisa credit score system will award the users with ranked badges based on their MCSs. Users with higher MCSs will be rewarded with high-ranking badges and therefore have privileges in services from various DApps.

  • Credit History
  • Address
  • Asset Holdings
    & Portfolio
  • Address
    Activity Level
  • On-Chain Behavior

Usage Scenario

  • Symbol

    MetaVisa issues a badge of Honor by evaluating the credit rating of an address. Each badge will be an exclusive NFT owned by the address.

  • Credentials

    MetaVisa credit system can be used as a credential to log in to third-party applications in Metaverse.

  • GameFi

    GameFi in Metaverse can be combined with the MetaVisa credit system to achieve special rewards distribution, GameFi asset credit transactions, etc.

  • DeFi

    The decentralized lending platform can combine with the MetaVisa credit system to improve product experience, such as adding credit lending services, etc.

  • DAO

    DAO can be combined with the MetaVisa credit system, such as addresses with higher credit scores will have more voting weights.

  • CRM

    Devs and community can formulate a corresponding membership system based on the MetaVisa credit system to motivate users, and thereby enhance user loyalty.

  • User Growth

    Devs can use the MetaVisa credit system to quickly screen out trusted users, thereby improving marketing efficiency.

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  • 01

    Used to pay for the service fee for invoking MetaVisa identity system and credit system services, and the tokens are burned when calling.

  • 02

    Used to realize the governance of MetaVisa Protocol. Governance includes voting for node elections, changes to the MetaVisa Protocol identity and credit evaluation model, etc.

  • 03

    Used to encourage users to provide personal data and address data actively, and to improve the user‘s personal identity system in Metaverse.

  • 04

    Used to upgrade the MID visual presentation by consuming VISA.

  • 05

    Staking VISA can get rewards, and 30% of the net fees will be distributed as staking rewards.

  • 06

    36% of the net fees on MetaVisa Protocol go to a VISA buy/burn.


  • 2021 Q4
  • Initial blockchain integrations: Ethereum
  • Data cleaning & Build algorithm model
  • Data provider integrations
    MetaVisa Protocol V1 testnet
  • 2022 Q1
  • MetaVisa Protocol V1 mainnet
  • Ethereum Layer 2 blockchain integrations
  • Data provider integrations
  • NTFs and delivery channels integrations
  • 2022 Q2
  • MetaVisa Protocol V2 testnet
  • Smart Templates, Pre-built Smart Triggers for specific use cases
  • Multi-chain Support, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Eco Chain, Solana, Polkadot
  • 2022 Q3
  • MetaVisa Protocol V2 mainnet
  • Identity & Credit Oracle Engine